Agora Freight shipping module is
suitable for a worldwide delivery and
domestic trade. Users get an instant
shipping quotation no matter which
address they choose.

The module considers multiple freight options by various modes of transport air, rail, road, ocean freight, including multimodal door-to-door transportation and express delivery.

This solution can be integrated via a fully customizable API into your online store or marketplace easily and quickly. It can also be implemented for most CMS and proprietary e-commerce systems.

How Agora Freight Shipping Module Works

To fully understand how the plugin works, you need to perform the following directly on this website:

1. Add any product to cart

Select any product from the catalogue and add to cart. You can add multiple items.

2. Go to checkout

Choose checkout option in the window which appears after adding to cart.

3. Select the delivery address

The country and the address of the delivery will be available in a drop-down menu. You can choose any you like. For the demo store we limit the number of delivery addresses – all of them are just samples.

4. Browse the possible options

The system will automatically calculate the shipping cost and will show all the possible options for shipping to the chosen address.

5. Choose the best suitable option

Choose the shipping option that suits your requirements by cost and timing. You can get more information about each delivery option in the list.

6. Place the order

By pressing the button “Buy” you complete the purchase.

The booking will appear in Agora Freight personal area which will be created separately for your online store.

You can request the demo access to the personal area by pressing this button.

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